Working at Home


Many of us have had to make a fundamental change for a few months now. Your previous office in a company is installed as a #Home-Office. Now you do your work from home. The constant contact with the company runs via telephone and video conferences. These require not only a trained and concentrated appearance "in front of the camera", they also require a stylish environment, which secures your appearance all around and does not let any pensiveness arise.
For many, this step is a big change and a real challenge.


We now sit across from our business and conversation partners|in front of the screen. This allows exactly this very personal and very private insight into your rooms, which probably few have seen before. Suddenly, people with whom you might even be per you in the office are looking into your "private" rooms. And maybe they're re-evaluating you.


Doubts are highly inappropriate and you should not allow them.
The fine art collection will help you to transform the visible corners of your home and rooms into great and stylish perspectives. Your environment should offer you security and sovereignty, it should express your personal taste. a home office must be positively received.


Find the artwork at harbourlights that you would like to feel behind you. The image that clearly tells you that you can concentrate on your counterpart without feeling an emerging insecurity. Permanent.

Now you notice that the person you are talking to will show an interested and satisfied face.

This will be your good day.